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There are a few words and phrases that I do not use.

The large majority of them include offensive slang, derogatory names, words and phrases that simply bring down the conversation that I am having to the lowest levels of respectability.

But there is one word that is innocuous and hides in plain sight which dismisses, diminishes and reduces whatever it is connected to.

And that word is “just”.

A couple of years ago I stopped using the word “just”.

Before Jordan Peterson enlightened the world with his Twelve rules for life, one of which is to “Be precise in…

What is the truth about General Practice?

The truth about General Practice is that it is challenging.

The end.

Ha! Now that would be too easy and tremendously disrespectful to my General Practice colleagues.

So, what is it that makes General Practice challenging?

But firstly and most importantly, what makes General Practice such a rewarding speciality and central to health care?

For me, General Practice was rewarding because it was “a beautiful mess of humanity and medicine, pity and tragedy, personal growth and self-reflection”.

General Practice tells the unfiltered story of life.

From the wonder of conception to birth to…

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It is Christmas eve and I’m starting my reflection as I watch my younger two sons play.

Merry Christmas! From Hunter, Kylie, Jonathan, Benjamin and Samuel Ramachenderan (L-R) 25–12–19

Lord, you are above all circumstances, but you are in every moment.

There is nothing that is impossible for you, for you are with us through every struggle.

The wind and the waves, the sun and the stars are all under your command. But yet you call us by name and declare us daughters and sons.

Our Dad, our Father, our everlasting God, all glory to you!

Our hope is no one else.

Not one can ever come close. You are God, you are Lord, you are our newborn King!

The Lord watches over all, his love knows no bounds.

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At 39 years old and working as a Palliative Care Doctor, I know that I am young!

But 20 years ago today (01–08–1999), I kissed the girl that I am married today.

15 years ago we said “I do” and began our lives together as husband and wife.

10 years ago our eldest son Samuel was born and I was faced with a choice to make, “do I continue living my life as a boy or a man in my marriage?

1.5 years ago I started working together with Kylie as an independent GP Anaesthetist.

And 3 days ago, Kylie…

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Nausea and vomiting aren’t pleasant symptoms.

It is 2am in Kuala Lumpur and from my hotel room on the 33rd floor, I have one of the best views in the city of the Petronas Twin Towers. But this only serves to remind me that I am thousands of kilometres from home and how alone, unwell and scared I feel.

What I had been most paranoid about happened so insidiously. The offending food wasn’t served at street market or in a questionable location as I had been so overly careful.

But it happened and it hit me so suddenly.

I was…

I’m surprised at 39 years old that vindication doesn’t taste as sweet as courage.

That is because in the moment that you choose courage instead of inaction, hope instead of despair and wisdom instead of foolish revenge is the moment that you become one of the greats.

And if and when vindication occurs, your wisdom is confirmed as quiet and steadfast obedience to God, knowing that it is only him who brings calm within the storms of life.

There is no need for fanfare, gloating or “I told you so’s” but rather a deeply satisfying feeling of knowing that you…

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Why do we fill our lives with endless activity which doesn’t actually matter in the end?

Who are we trying to please and what are we actually trying to do?

Why do we sacrifice our health and our best years at the altar of work and not chase after our own dreams and found passions?

And in all of this, do we even rest?

These were the thoughts that dominated my mind during my forced time off over the summer of 2017–2018.

In late November 2017, I traumatically ruptured my biceps tendon, requiring surgery, time off work, intense rehabilitation but…

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I love my job as a Palliative Care doctor.

There is nothing that I look forward to more on a Monday morning than meeting with our team, solving problems and helping to relieve suffering in our patients and their families.

It compels me out of bed early and is the only job that I see myself doing until my wife or body tells me to stop.

I’ve never found a speciality in medicine that engages my passion for helping a wide cross-section of people, love of pharmacology and the joy of making a difference when it matters most to many.

Ten years ago today there was little question that I needed to change.

Ten years ago today, the cliche of “your life has changed forever” was repeated across the Maternity ward at Tamworth Base Hospital and across Facebook and over the phone as friends and family congratulated us.

Our first son Samuel was born.

Ten years ago today, the weight of change was upon me, my longing for a legacy was established and had I known the path ahead, fear and physiological overdrive would have overcome me.

The question that looped in an endless circle, failing to find rest in…

Dr.Jonathan Ramachenderan

Husband, Dad and Palliative Care & Anaesthetic Doctor. Aspiring writer and wordsmith at

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